Learning Objectives

Students will be able to learn and gain key knowledge in topics such as:

  • Functional Knowledge | Students will be able to demonstrate fundamental and substantial understanding of various tax laws, cases, rulings, regulations, and other government pronouncements.
  •  Tax Knowledge | Students will demonstrate a general tax consciousness, including an understanding of the role of taxation in society and the development of skills related to the recognition of the tax problems. Students will develop the competency in preparing business and individual tax returns in accordance with regulations of the appropriate authorities.
  • Tax Analysis | Students will develop a foundation of tax knowledge, including the development of competence with respect to general concepts of taxation, procedural rules and their application, tax planning and reporting. Students will be able to analyze transaction data and tax authorities for the purposes of tax planning.
  • Research | Students will be able to research and analyze various credible sources related to tax updates, tax regulations, and tax authorities.
  • Communication | Students will learn how to effectively communicate tax issues and the results of their research findings. They will be able to demonstrate communication competencies, such as making presentations, writing a report relating on specific tax issues and facts, and providing written analysis to support their recommendations on tax related decisions.
  • Ethical and Legal Responsibilities | Students will be able to identify ethical and legal responsibilities related to a specific tax situation, such as: the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance, the legal implications of tax evasion, the responsibility of a tax professional, and the proper role to follow regarding the client and tax authorities.

Potential Careers

  • Tax Manager
  • Tax Consultant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Tax Planner and Advisor