Management Program prepares students to be able to develop to become a manager or entrepreneur with integrity, intellectuals and have communication skills, analytical, decision making and problem solving, use of information technology and communications, and team work in the field of business and organizations in both the domestic and global markets with based on moral values, ethics and professional to serve the community.

Management program offers 152 credits in the curriculum. The study focus on:

  • Marketing Management provide knowledge and skills in decision making in the field of product marketing, both manufacturing and services (market analysis, market segmentation, targeting, positioning, product development, integrated marketing communications, pricing and distribution management / logistics);
  • Human Resource Management and Organization provide knowledge and skills in decision making in the field of organization (selection, recruitment, compensation systems, training and development, career, work assessment, etc.);
  • Operation and Information System Management provide knowledge and skills in decision making in the field of operation (production planning and control, quality, layout, location, inventory, production systems);
  • Financial Management provide knowledge and skills in decision making in the field of finance (investment, risk, capital markets, futures markets, budgeting);
  • Information Technology Management provide knowledge and skills in the mastery of information technology in the areas of finance, marketing, human resources, and operations;
  • General Management provide knowledge and skills in management decision making in general.

Career Opportunity

Through education and examples of case studies that are taught in management courses, graduates has an opportunity as General Manager (GM), Branch Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Supervisor, and other important job positions in the company.


Being a Management course to produce graduates who excel at the national level, professional, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in 2020"


  1. Produce Bachelor of Science in Management and Business competent, professional, integrity and insightful globally through a process of education and teaching of modern science and quality and based on ICT.
  2. Develop strategies and models of innovative learning by optimizing facilities, infrastructure and available resources and utilize technology and modern quality learning.
  3. The development of quality management, organization and effective governance with reference to national education standards and quality assurance systems.
  4. Management science and business development through the implementation of quality and applicative research activities that utilization is easily accessible by the academic community and the user community.
  5. The implementation of various community service activities in the field of science and business management as a form of concern and raise the dignity, the dignity and the quality of people's welfare.
  6. Utilization and development of cooperation with various parties on an ongoing basis to support tri dharma college.
Academic Program: