Mon, 21/08/2017 - 14:20

Think Creative

This seminar was delivered by 4 speakers. The first session was opened by Elvi Angelina as the main speaker who programmed our mindset suoaya convinced of something that does not seem to be real so we can achieve dreams without a doubt. Then...

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  Wed, 10/04/2013 - 18:03

Study Tour to Teh Botol Sosro

PT. Sinar Sosro is one company in Indonesia, which is engage in the drinks. Founded in 1974, producing te first ready to drink tea in Indonesia that are changing the packing to be ready to drink tea in a variety of packaging.

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  Sat, 07/07/2012 - 22:11

Study Tour to Aplaus the Lifestyle Magazine

PMCI students from Management, Information TECHNOLOGY 9IT0, Accounting and Hospitally Management went to APLAUS on 7th and 28th 2012. The purpose of the study tour is to experience and know how a prestigious tabloid is running.

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  Sat, 21/04/2012 - 18:03

Table Manner at Grand Swiss Bell Hotel, Medan

In table manner event, the students will learn about how to set up the table, how to use the utensils, how to sit properly in a formal dining and etc. There are 3 course in the table manner: Appetizer, Main Course, and Desert.

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  Tue, 13/12/2011 - 18:03

Educative and Fun Study Tour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Overseas study is our annyually program for the new intake students. The purpose of this study tour is open up the students mind to the international world. The students can see personally and learn from people from people around world. The will...

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  Mon, 05/12/2011 - 18:03

Professional Seminar from International America University (IAU), USA

The speakers of this professional seminar are Mr. Ryan Doan, MBA - he is an executive director of IAU. He was sharing how to be a successful entrepreneur in the era of hi-tech. The other speaker is Prof. Richard Gayer. The title of the seminar was...

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