Think Creative

This seminar was delivered by 4 speakers. The first session was opened by Elvi Angelina as the main speaker who programmed our mindset suoaya convinced of something that does not seem to be real so we can achieve dreams without a doubt. Then followed by a second session by Harry Victor who trained Traning Character building for Indonesian Idol, Rising Star Indonesia, X-Factor and the Voice Indonesi. He teaches us to be a problem solver with no shame to ask the more inquisitive.
The third session was presented by Mr. Fransiscus Budi Pranata as CFO Zalora who explained Characteristics of the Creative which also added Self Deprecating Humor which has the power to accentuate our shortcomings, for example Tukul Arwana. Then the fourth session as the peak session with the Talk Show heading followed by Eernes Prakarsa who started his karrir on radio which was continued by Stand Up Comedy in 2011 with some of the writers and film director who finally succeeded is Ngenest and the latest is the Check Strips Shop. The seminar was closed by featuring Stand Up Comedy.